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Building on strong foundations, the new 2013 Corsair gathering is expected to be a new step in the right direction: Putting the show on the road!

It is with great pride that Corsair is now working with its western american dealers in order to reach out to the owners on that side of the continent. The American Corsair family is wide and we now have an event that will, sooner or later, reach all of them!

The Corsair US Nationals is more than just racing, it is a family get together where no one is left behind. We have activities for the racers, but also the cruisers; A range to fit the whole family!

Please visit the sections of this site for information on the event, tips about how to bring your boat over, services available and program.

What you need to know:
Most things you need to know about how to come to the event, where to launch your boat, berth, hotels, etc. is in the Facilities page.

Obviously, if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time and we'll be happy to help out!